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Amaranth  Sprout Powder
Amaranth Sprout Powder

Amaranth Sprout Powder

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Amaranth is a group of more than 60 different species of grains that have been cultivated for about 8,000 years.These grains were once considered a staple food in the Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations.Amaranth is classified as a pseudocereal, meaning that it’s not technically a cereal grain like wheat or oats, but it shares a comparable set of nutrients and is used in similar ways. Its earthy, nutty flavor works well in a variety of dishes (1Trusted Source).Besides being incredibly versatile, this nutritious grain is naturally gluten-free and rich in protein, fiber, micronutrients and antioxidants.This ancient grain is rich in fiber and protein, as well as many important micronutrients.In particular, amaranth is a good source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.
Part Number: 582-03-1kg
Botanical Name: Amaranthus hypochondriacus