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Broomrape Powder
Broomrape Powder

Broomrape Powder

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he Broomrape plant, scientifically known as Orobanche spp., is a parasitic flowering plant that lacks chlorophyll and depends entirely on host plants for its nutrients. It attaches to the roots of host plants through specialized haustoria and can cause damage to agricultural crops. Broomrape plants come in various species, each with its unique characteristics. They typically have fleshy, erect or sprawling stems without leaves. When in bloom, they produce showy flowers in colors such as yellow, purple, pink, or white. . It is important to note that Broomrape plants pose a risk to crop production, as they parasitize a wide range of crops, leading to yield loss and economic impact. Proper management and prevention strategies are necessary to mitigate the risk posed by Broomrape plants in agricultural settings.
Part Number: 888-95-25kg
Botanical Name: Orobanche Alba; Thyme broomrape; Baihua broomrape