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Chuchuhuasi  Bark Powder
Chuchuhuasi Bark Powder

Chuchuhuasi Bark Powder

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To get the best results, Maytenus aelivis (Chuchuhuasi) bark is chewed. Chuchuhuasi powder may also be effective for a number of ailments, which include diarrhea, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, and upset stomach. Other reasons of using chuchuhuasi are effectively dispersing and breaking up lactic acid and as a muscle relaxant. It improves virility. Its bark has extremely unpleasant taste therefore used as an alcoholic decoction generally mixed with bee honey. Chuchuhuasi powder may show antioxidant and revitalizing activities and may also increase effectiveness of immunological system. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties play a vital role for curing rheumatic conditions. Preliminary evidences also suggest that Maytenus aelivis is effective for relieving pain because of its analgesic effects. Chuchuhuasi powder has anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects that are helpful in the treatment of alcoholism, MS and Parkinson’s disease. Chuchuhuasi extract is also useful for nervous tissue revitalize and rejuvenates the nervous system. Maytenus aelivis is also effective in the treatment of nervous systems chronic diseases and is used as adjuvant for this purpose. Maytenus aelivis is a known stimulant. Chuchuhuasi root and bark is rich in several valuable pharmacological substances. These substances may be useful in the treatment of several nervous system disorders.Most effective biochemical substances of chuchuhuasi powder are nocotinyl, sesquiterpenes, alkaloids maytensine, and triterpenes.
Part Number: 647-01-1kg
Botanical Name: Maytenus aelivis