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Copal Oro (Gold) pieces Wildcrafted, 1 lb
Copal Oro (Gold) pieces Wildcrafted, 1 lb

Copal Oro (Gold) pieces Wildcrafted, 1 lb

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Copal Oro (Gold) pieces Wildcrafted, 1 lb
Part Number: 201313-01
UPC: 76796308908
Manufacturer: Starwest Botanicals
Botanical Name: Bursera microphylla; Bureseru microphylla
Origin: Mexico
Lead Time: Ships 2-3 days
This is Starwest's nitrogen-flushed double wall silverfoil pack.

The bark yields a fragrant sap or resin traditionally burned as incense when cut, so that this is also called the incense tree. Also called the Elephant Tree.

Copal, one of the most important incense-burning substances of the ancient American cultures, was believed to be a heavenly, sacred resin embodying the presence of the divine.

Copal oro, or gold copal, has a warming fragrance that opens the soul, stimulating imagination and intuition. It supports visualization for both artistic and therapeutic purposes.

Mayans burned copal oro at sunrise to honor the sun. Copal has a very strong healing power. The aroma of the resin develops as it is heated.

Its fruits and bark are reddish brown. The pinnate leaves are aromatic with a strong scent of camphor. The name ''microphylla'' comes from the Greek for ''tiny leaves''.

It loses its leaves when the temperature becomes too cold, or the ground too dry. It is one of the least cold sensitive species of this tropical family.