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Fo-Ti Root Powder, 1 kg
Fo-Ti Root Powder, 1 kg

Fo-Ti Root Powder, 1 kg

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Fo-Ti Root, scientifically known as Polygonum multiflorum, is a perennial vine native to China. It is also commonly referred to as "He Shou Wu," which means "Mr. He's Black Hair" in Chinese, reflecting its traditional use for promoting hair health. Fo-Ti Root has a woody and tuberous root system with slender stems that can grow several meters long. The root is the most valued part of the plant and has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Fo-Ti Root is believed to possess rejuvenating and tonic properties, often used to support overall vitality and longevity. It is also known for its potential benefits in promoting healthy aging, supporting liver health, and boosting the immune system. Fo-Ti Root can be prepared as a tea, extract, or powder, and it is often used as an ingredient in herbal formulations.
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Botanical Name: Polygonum multiflorum; He Shou Wu; Foti