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Gotu Kola  Leaf & Stem Powder Extract 4:1, 1 kg
Gotu Kola Leaf & Stem Powder Extract 4:1, 1 kg

Gotu Kola Leaf & Stem Powder Extract 4:1, 1 kg

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Centella asiatica, commonly known as Gotu kola, kodavan, Indian pennywort and Asiatic pennywort, is a herbaceous, perennial plant in the flowering plant family Apiaceae. It is native to wetlands in the Caucasus, Tropical & Subtropical Old World to New Zealand and the West Pacific. It is used as a culinary vegetable and as a medicinal herb.In Burmese cuisine, raw pennywort is used as the main constituent in a salad mixed with onions, crushed peanuts, bean powder and seasoned with lime juice and fish sauce. Centella is used as a leafy green in Sri Lankan cuisine, being the predominantly locally available leafy green, where it is called gotu kola. It is most often prepared as malluma, a traditional accompaniment to rice and vegetarian dishes, such as dal, and jackfruit or pumpkin curry. It is considered nutritious. In addition to finely chopped gotu kola plants, the gotu kola malluma may be eaten with grated coconut, diced shallots, lime (or lemon) juice, and sea salt. Additional ingredients are finely chopped green chilis, chili powder, turmeric powder, or chopped carrots.In traditional medicine, C. asiatica has been used to treat various disorders and minor wounds, although clinical efficacy and safety have not been scientifically confirmed. Contact dermatitis and skin irritation can result from topical application. Drowsiness may occur after consuming it. The herb may have adverse effects on liver function when used over many months.
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Botanical Name: Centella asiatica