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Iceland Moss Lichen Powder
Iceland Moss Lichen Powder

Iceland Moss Lichen Powder

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Iceland Moss (Cetraria islandica), also known as Icelandic Moss, is a lichen that grows in the arctic and subarctic regions of Europe, including Iceland. Despite its name, Iceland Moss is not a true moss but rather a lichen, which is a symbiotic organism consisting of a fungus and algae living together. Iceland Moss has a distinctive appearance with tufted, grayish-green fronds that form dense patches on rocks and soil. It has been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicine for its potential health benefits. Iceland Moss contains various compounds, including polysaccharides, bitter substances, and lichen acids, which are believed to contribute to its therapeutic properties. It is commonly used to soothe coughs and respiratory ailments due to its expectorant and demulcent effects. Iceland Moss is also known for its potential antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
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Botanical Name: Centraria islandica