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Knotweed Grass Powder,
Knotweed Grass Powder,

Knotweed Grass Powder,

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Polygonum aviculare or common knotgrass is a plant related to buckwheat and dock. It is also called prostrate knotweed, birdweed, pigweed and lowgrass. It is an annual found in fields and wasteland, with white flowers from June to October. It is widespread across many countries in temperate regions, apparently native to Eurasia and North America, naturalized in temperate parts of the Southern Hemisphere.It formed a traditional ingredient in porridge consumed by Germanic peoples of western Europe, and has been found in numerous autopsies of peat bodies, including the Tollund Man.In Vietnam, where it is called rau ??ng, it is widely used to prepare soup and hot pot, particularly in the southern region.
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Botanical Name: Polygonum aviculare, syn: Avicularia vulgaris;Centinodium axillare;Polygonum agreste;Polygonum aphyllum, etc.