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Mango Fruit Powder
Mango Fruit Powder

Mango Fruit Powder

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Mangifera indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae. Mangoes are believed to have originated from the region between northwestern Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India. It is a large fruit-tree, capable of growing to a height and crown width of about 30 metres (100 ft) and trunk circumference of more than 3.7 metres (12 ft).M. indica were domesticated separately in South Asia and Southeast Asia over centuries, resulting in two distinct genetic populations in modern mangoes – the "Indian type" and the "Southeast Asian type". Mangoes have since been introduced to other warm regions of the world.Raw mangos can be used in the making of pickles and chutneys. Ripe mangos are a popular fruit throughout the world.
Part Number: 861-01-1kg
Botanical Name: Mangifera indica