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Mystic Wind, 8.5 ml
Mystic Wind, 8.5 ml

Mystic Wind, 8.5 ml

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Mystic Wind, 8.5 ml
Part Number: 709120
UPC: 63267701236
Manufacturer: Eden Botanicals
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Blended to support emotional harmony, clarity and serenity with both its deeply woody and subtle floral notes. Mystic wind is primarily a woody blend with cedarwood being central to the formula. The fragrant Cedar, Frankincense, and Sandalwood are three of the most revered trees in history for their ability to arouse a sense of the sacred, and to clear and center the mind and emotions. The addition of a small amount of the flora top notes (jasmine and ylang ylang) raises the energy of the formula to a level that inspires as well as calms.

Enjoyed by both men and women.

Essence oils are blends of pure essential oils with one of our exclusive crystallized essences. They are natural perfume oils that were created with specific attributes in mind and are therefore more than simple perfumes or fragrance oils. Essence oils work synergistically to promote subtle emotional qualities, such as Mystic Wind which inspires a feeling of bodily calm along with a sense of mental clarity.

Essence oils are produced at our facility in the coastal mountains of California, by hand and in small batches. We begin by extracting the oil from one of the crystallized essences, filtering out the solid particles, and finally adding pure essential oils and mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) to the formula. Our process takes weeks to manufacture every batch and we use only certified organic extraction and carrier oils: high oleic acid sunflower oil and jojoba oil. In addition to being organically grown, both of these carrier oils are expeller pressed and both are very resistant to oxidation, which means they will remain fresh for a very long time.

By integrating our traditionally processed essences with natural essential oils recognized for their beneficial and sensual qualities and by using certified organic carrier oils, Eden Botanicals is able to produce natural body fragrances that we believe are unparalleled in today’s marketplace. Unlike other companies that make perfume oils or fragrance oils, we provide our customers with a complete ingredient list for all of our essence oils.

Essence oil blends may be used as natural perfumes or as relaxing bath oils. To use as a natural perfume oil, apply a drop or two to your pulse or pressure points. The natural fragrance will release slowly over a several hour period. For use as a bath oil, add five to ten drops to the bath water and let your entire body and spirit enjoy the benefits. Essence oils may also be added to any natural carrier (vegetable) oil to make wonderful massage oils or natural body oils.