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Ruh Khus, 25 gram box
Ruh Khus, 25 gram box

Ruh Khus, 25 gram box

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Ruh Khus, 25 gram box
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Manufacturer: Primo Incense
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A fiery scent noted for its ability to create passion.

Primo Incense is handmade in India by the Haridas Madhavdas family, making hand-rolled incense since 1860. The Madhavdas family has been making exclusive blends for Primo for the past 30 years.

Primo Incense is internationally recognized as the world's finest, clean burning incense.

All our fragrances are prepared from nature's finest essential oils, exotic flowers, along with hundreds of different wood and tree powders, rare resins, aromatic herbs and spices.

10 gm packets of stick incense in attractive triangle boxes.