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Shea Butter, Refined 4 oz
Shea Butter, Refined 4 oz

Shea Butter, Refined 4 oz

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Shea Butter, Refined 4 oz
Part Number: 448035-03
UPC: 76796300753
Manufacturer: Starwest Botanicals
Botanical Name: Butyrospermum parkii
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This is Expeller-pressed Shea Nut Butter, processed and refined with carbon filtration to obtain a white butter with a light odor and creamy texture.

Suitable for cosmetics. Not for internal use.

Our cosmetic oils, such as Lanolin or Shea Butter, work well as carriers for essential oils, moisturizers and massage oils.

The Shea tree (Butyrospermum parkii) is found along the West African Savannah region. The tree grows wild and it is not cultivated. It is small (usually 40 - 45 ft high) and has a spreading canopy, looking very much like the American Oak. It takes about fifty years to reach maturity.

Shea nut butter has been used for various health remedies in Africa, especially skin problems, for thousands of years. Cleopatra used it in her cosmetics. It is a healing skin emollient.

The tree produces plum-like fruits from which the Shea butter is extracted. The pulp of the fruit can be eaten and the oil, Shea butter, which is extracted from the seed or nut, has always been used in Africa as a skin soother, cosmetic base, cooking oil and lamp fuel.

The butter is prepared by roasting the nuts, pounding or grinding them and then extracting the pulverized nuts to separate the butter.

Because of its softness, unsaponifiable content & vitamin F, Shea Butter is excellent for a body massage. With the help of your body heat, it absorbs quickly into the skin.

African Shea Butter helps reduce stretch marks, dark spots, blemishes, premature facial lines & eye bags. It is effective on dry, dull, rough & flaky skin.

To soften stubborn callouses on the feet, soak your feet in warm water for about 15 mins. Scrub your heels with a bath stone. Change the warm water. Add 1 teaspoon of shea butter to the warm water. Soak your feet for a second time for 15-20 mins. Towel dry & moisturize with Shea Butter. Do this once or twice a week.

To revitalize your hair, massage a generous amount of pure Shea Butter on your scalp and in your hair. Wrap with a warm towel for 30 mins. Remove the towel and style as usual. For soft silky hair, shampoo your hair the next day. This process is also useful for dry hair, dry scalp & dandruff.

Apply African Shea Butter to your hair before swimming to help protect your hair from the chlorine & salt. After swimming, condition & rinse out your hair right away.

Shea butter imparts a pleasant smooth feeling to the skin while improving its softness. It helps to:

protect skin against weather and UV aggressions
prevent wrinkle formation
soothe irritated skin and heal chapped skin
moisturize the epidermis
revitalize and impart shine and luster to dry/damaged hairs


Basic Body Butter, Submitted by: Jennifer Collymore

1 Part Beeswax
1 Part Cocoa OR Shea Butter
1 Part Carrier Oil
1 Part Skin-Safe Fragrance or Essential Oil

** Do no use both Cocoa Butter & Shea. Cocoa Butter will make a slightly harder bar, Shea Butter will make a slightly softer bar. ** Add Beeswax, Carrier Oil of choice and Butter of choice to a microwave safe container. A Pyrex Measuring Glass works best for cleanup purposes. Melt in 20 second increments until all is melted. Stir well. Add Fragrance of Essential Oil, and stir well. Pour in a Melt & Pour Soap mold, Push Up Stick, or Deodorant Container and let harden overnight. ** This recipe can also be used for Lip Balm, by using a Skin-Safe Flavor Oil instead of the Fragrance of Essential Oil. **


Soothing Lip Balm
Submitted by: Brenda Pfeifer

Vit E
.5 Shea Butter
.5 oz Calendula Double Infused Ostrich Oil
1 oz