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Squaw Vine (Partridge Berry) Powder
Squaw Vine (Partridge Berry) Powder

Squaw Vine (Partridge Berry) Powder

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Squaw vine, scientifically known as Mitchella repens, is a small, creeping plant native to North America. It has a long history of use in Native American and traditional herbal medicine. The plant is often referred to as "partridge berry" due to its red berries that resemble the eyes of a partridge. Squaw vine is associated with potential health benefits, particularly related to its traditional uses for women's health. It has been used to support menstrual and reproductive health, including during pregnancy and childbirth. Squaw vine is believed to have potential toning and soothing effects on the uterus and may be used as a supportive remedy for menstrual discomfort. While it has historical significance, expert guidance ensures its safe and informed use in your holistic wellness practices.
Part Number: 888-493-25kg
Botanical Name: Mitchella repens