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Stone Root Powder, 1 kg
Stone Root Powder, 1 kg

Stone Root Powder, 1 kg

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Stone root powder is derived from the root of the stone root plant (Collinsonia canadensis), also known as horse balm. This herb has been used in traditional herbal medicine for its potential health benefits. Stone root powder is often used as a dietary supplement or ingredient in herbal preparations. It's associated with potential advantages such as supporting urinary tract health, promoting healthy circulation, and potentially aiding in conditions related to venous congestion, such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids. The active compounds in stone root are believed to have toning and soothing effects on the blood vessels and connective tissues. The potential benefits of stone root powder make it an intriguing option, and expert guidance ensures its safe and informed use in your holistic wellness practices.
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Botanical Name: Collinsonia canadensis