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Strawberry Leaf Powder
Strawberry Leaf Powder

Strawberry Leaf Powder

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Strawberry leaf powder is derived from the dried and ground leaves of the strawberry plant (Fragaria spp.). While the fruit is more commonly associated with consumption, strawberry leaves have also been used for their potential health benefits. Strawberry leaf powder is often used as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient in herbal preparations. It's associated with potential advantages like supporting digestive health and potentially aiding in mild diuretic effects. Strawberry leaves are believed to contain compounds that have a soothing effect on the digestive system and may help with water retention. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. However, scientific research on the specific benefits of strawberry leaf powder is limited, and its use should be approached with caution. Consulting a healthcare professional before incorporating strawberry leaf powder into your wellness practices is recommended, especially if you have specific health conditions, allergies, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Part Number: 877-03-1kg
Botanical Name: Fragaria Chiloensis / vesca