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Wheat Bran Powder
Wheat Bran Powder

Wheat Bran Powder

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Wheat bran powder is a product made from the outer layer of the wheat grain, which is removed during the milling process of wheat to produce flour. It's rich in dietary fiber, particularly insoluble fiber, and contains various essential nutrients, including B vitamins, minerals like manganese and magnesium, and antioxidants. Due to its high fiber content, wheat bran powder is often used as a dietary supplement to support digestive health and regular bowel movements. It may also help lower cholesterol levels and promote a feeling of fullness, which can be beneficial for weight management. However, individuals with certain dietary restrictions or allergies should use it with caution, and consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable before adding it to your diet to ensure it aligns with your specific health needs and goals.
Part Number: 964-01-1kg
Botanical Name: Triticum aestivum