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Lomatium Root Whole 20 lbs
Lomatium Root Whole 20 lbs

Lomatium Root Whole 20 lbs

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Lomatium is a genus of perennial herbs that are native to North America and belong to the carrot family, Apiaceae. These plants have feathery or fern-like leaves and produce small yellow, white, or greenish flowers that grow in clusters on tall, branching stems. The roots of some species of Lomatium are particularly rich in bioactive compounds, including coumarins and flavonoids, which are thought to be responsible for their medicinal properties. These plants have a long history of traditional use by Native American tribes for treating respiratory infections, fevers, and digestive disorders, and some species were also consumed as a starchy food. Today, Lomatium species are still used in traditional medicine and cultivated as ornamental plants. However, some species are protected or endangered, and it is illegal to harvest them from the wild in some areas.
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Botanical Name: Lomatium dissectum
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